Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough
Category: Tillage Implements

Product Description

Chisel Plough

  • Works deep beneath the surface. Ideal when topsoil is fertile but subsoil is not productive.
  • Shatters the soil well below the surface.
  • Does not invert of turn the soil, causing limited soil distribution.
  • Loosen and aerate soil, leaving crop residue at top of soil.
  • Reduces the effect of Compaction.
  • Help increasing water storage capacity.
  • Help break-up hardpan.
  • More tractor power required per shank. (10-15HP)
  • Removing the side shanks turns this implement into a sub soiler.

Replaceable Shanks/Points


Heavy steel box V-type frame without bolt and nut.
Three easily replaceable tines designed to penetrate up to 20” without much effort.
Shovels easily replaceable.
Working width 1.20m (Meters).
Tractor compatibility 50-85 Horse power (hp).