We have a wide selection of tractors manufactured locally under stringently imposed quality standards, implemented by expertly trained supervisors, giving us an edge on the market by producing top quality machinery at locally competitive prices. Our products include; the widely renowned Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors and the Ursus tractor.


Farming implements at Madfi ensure durability as well as low operating and maintenance costs, for the convenience of our customers. Our implements meet international quality standards whereas our costs are locally competitive, making every paisa spent worth it.


Tractor parts are directly produced from the OEM, that guarantees compatibility and cost efficiency in the long run.

Madfi is a sustainable cooperation and encourages cost effective products for a wider clientele.

we also develop fuel efficient machinery to cut down running costs and are very environmentally conscious which is reflected in our environmentally friendly products. Madfi tries to stay in step with the rest of the world and develops competitive technology at affordable rates to help develop the local agriculture industry.


Customer Service of Madfi

We export around the globe including destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uruguay (South America), Uganda, Zambia, Malaysia, Mozambique , Botswana, South Sudan, Malta , Libya, Dubai, Qatar, Masqat , Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Our reputation precedes us and helps us garner clients from around the globe with the promise of excellent quality and unparalleled service.


MADFI is pioneering in performative, reliable and safe technology all available at competitive prices giving customers value for money.

MADFI products are complete with new generation engines with greater fuel efficiency and easy maintenance and are also environmentally friendly and free of pollution.

To provide up to date equipment at affordable rates to aid a larger populous of farmers and agro-industrialists.

To ensure an efficient and effective supply chain of MADFI’s products to the valued clients in all over the world and ensure that deliveries meet international quality standards as well as the customers’ expectations.