Madfi has been revolutionising the agriculture industry for 36 years, The chief executive Sheikh Muhammad Ikhlas of the Ikhlas family; pioneers of business in Pakistan, particularly in the retail of farming machinery and agricultural implements, has been providing state of the art agricultural equipment to farmers all across Pakistan


To provide up to date equipment at affordable rates to aid a larger populous of farmers and agro-industrialists and support new ventures and business in Pakistan to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. And provide flawless service to its customers and help them in any possible capacity.


MADFI is pioneering in performative, reliable and safe technology all available at competitive prices giving customers value for money. MADFI products are complete with new generation engines with greater fuel efficiency and easy maintenance and are also environmentally friendly and free of pollution.

Object /Goals

To ensure an efficient and effective supply chain of MADFI’s products to the valued clients in all over the world and ensure that deliveries meet international quality standards as well as the customers’ expectations. To expand into the e-business so our valued clients can explore our products online anytime and from anywhere.